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About 135east.com

135 EAST is a travel blog which introduces adventurous stories based on my own travel experience and intensive research. It has been entertaining Japanese readers. 

I have started 135east.com to encourage "mutual culture understanding" via travel. I deliver high-quality local information and travel tips in Japanese to help Japanese people visit other countries.

The website is launched in February, 2018. 


About Me

My name is Miho, a passionate Japanese traveler. 

My background is technology. I have been a product manager of IT product at a Fortune 100 company for years. I like IT stuff, but I love travel, too! I have been to 30+ countries in my life and lived at 7 cities in Japan, Europe and U.S.A. 

I have many opportnities to work with international members. I need to lead a product-related project to achive the company goal. Many times I encountered the culture gap between different regions. People at each region have unique opinion and believe it is the right way to do. Yes, true. But we cannot work together unless we try to get closer by understanding others... Many times I had been in the middle. I tried to mitigate the gap between groups, but it has been a challenging. After leading many international projects, I realized we need more actual experience than my explanation. I believe travel would be helpful to accelerate the mutual understanding because people can see the history of other countries, communicate with local people and experience the local culture during the travel. I would like to support such an acvitiy. 

Throught this website, I would like to connect Japanese people with various location all over the world. I deliver local information to Japanese travelers based on my own experience and intensive research. 

Currently I am based in California, USA. Periodically travelling between Japan and USA. 


Site Statistics (as of December 2018)

  • Monthly Visitors: 26K
  • Monthly Pageviews: 39K
  • Domain Authority: 20
  • Site Demographics: male 53%, female 47%, 25-34 years 34%

According to Google Analytics, the 135east's audience consists of highly educated women (47%) and men (53%) between the ages of 25 and 45. A majority of readers hail from Japan (76%), the United States (16%) and United Kingdom (1%).


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